How does Time Out World work?

Time Out World is a crowd-sourced event guide for every neighbourhood in the world, making it easier for you to find out what is going on.

When you sign in, we will curate the public events that you and your friends have been invited to via Facebook, plus any events created on Facebook pages that you like. We disregard all private events, so these remain safe and secure.

Once curated, Time Out World surfaces the best and most popular events to everyone who visits the site. If you are signed in, you can also see what events your friends are attending.

Does Time Out World post to my wall when I sign in?

No. That’s not cool.

Posts happen when you want to post and say you’re attending when you’re attending.

How do I promote an event on Time Out World?

Send either the Time Out World event link or the Facebook event link to

Promoting an event brings the event to the top of every list and highlights the event on the map so everyone who isin your area can see it.

You can also sponsor an event.

How do I add an event?

Step 1: Create a public Facebook event.

Step 2: Sign into Time Out World.


Normally, we get it in a few minutes. Sometimes Facebook can take up to 8 hours to get back to us.

If you want to quickly add or update a public event, click the '+ Event' link at the top of the page. You'll be able to enter the url to the Facebook event to force the event to sync.

We do not show events that last longer than one week. We only show public events.

How do I change the time on an event?

Change the time, or anything else you want to change, on the event on Facebook. We should get the change in less than 8 hours.

Does Time Out World show my private events?

No. Your private events are for you only.

If you want to make sure that your events are not seen by other people make sure that they are marked “Private” on Facebook.

What does the star button do?

The star button favorites an event. Favorited events are added to your recommended events tab and we'll remember to show you stuff like that event in the future. Also, it increases the event's score, meaning that more people will see it.

What are the “On Map” “Global” and “No Location”?

These buttons filter the events you see on the list by location.

  • On Map – Shows all the events on the map. We show 50 events at a time, but you can page through them.
  • Global – Shows all of the events.
  • If your events are not showing up on the map, make sure that your Facebook event has a map on it. If it doesn’t Facebook won’t recognize the location you have entered.

I cannot see my event on Time Out World.

  1. Have you created and tried adding the Facebook event? If not see "How do I add an event?"" Does your Facebook event show a map? If not Facebook does not recognize the location you have entered.
  2. Is the event public? Time Out World only shows public events.
  3. How long is your event? If your event is over one week long Time Out World will not show the event.
  4. If Time Out World still does not show your event, please email with the a link to the Facebook Event.